The 1841 Census can be a frustrating source of information and should always be treated with caution but at the same time never dismissed. I’m wondering if is because of where the DeVries family came from. The conclusion I reached was any name match beyond 3G and not a direct match with the same autosomal match name is extremely unreliable and inconclusive. He died early and it looks like his eldest son James died early to. I do know the name was originally Roerdinkveldboom but when my ancestors migrated to Wisconsin some dropped the Roerdink and some dropped the Veldboom. Abe: The Dutch baby boy name “Abe” is said to have originated from Hebrew meaning “Father of Multitudes”. Revision: For Edward-Esther the group of children is Esther 1811, Edward John 1814, John 1816, Edward 1818, Thomas 1820, Alice 1823 and Peter 1831. She has been doing genealogy for almost 30 years. Dutch people, constantly ranked as one of the “happiest” people in the world, have a long struggling history of breaking free from Spanish domination and turning the country into the Dutch Empire. There are a few rare documented accounts in books of Huguenot friends and family corresponding across the English Channel and immigrating between these main upheavals. I was wondering if his surname should have been Rademakers or similar ?His surname was spelt differently on each census until the family finally settled on the spelling Rodemark. One would expect 50%! This record does not line up with a James Staines b1804 in St Leonards Shoredicth to John Staines and Alice Westfield, grandson of John Staines and Alice Vandebaize. Names ending in -ink sometimes change to -ing: Abbink becomes Abbing, Lansink becomes Lansing. A few examples are; Jansz, Jacobsz, Danielsz, and Abelsz, I know what the American name is without the ‘sz’ but can’t figure out why it is on the Dutch spelling. On the other hand the number of matches at 4G for Butterworth is hard to ignore with the Staines side genes being the common factor. Some French Huguenots went to the southern Netherlands to fight against the Spanish in the 16th century and some of those are thought to have stayed and married in the Netherlands. St Catharina Gasthuis Chapel is located in Breestraat, Leiden. I Wish I could shake your hand. At this stage the scribe in charge of writing and his or her language abilities are not known. These observations place both families nearer to St Leonards than say nearer to Edward Street earlier on. Even nowadays the small country in the North-West of Europe owns various islands as far as the Caribbean Sea. My great ( x however many) grandparents were John Staines and Alice Vandebaize who married in 1775. There are a number of Ponds living in Buckinghamshire with another Hetty of her Grandparent’s age. I had come to the same finding in the last half hour and had prepared this next message. It is presumed Alice 1801 and John 1802 in the second group did not survive early childhood. The last name is DeJong. Is this John Staines and Alice Westfield or an aged Alice Vandebaize? It certainly is an unusual name even though there are plenty of Van der jagts in the USA there are not so many here in Candada and I could not find any in the UK where I grew up. The modern French spelling of the town outside Lille is Tourcoing. Charlotte has already shown a propensity to colour in the truth because she isn’t all that happy with the image projected by their age difference. Alice Vandebaize was born early in 1754 and baptised on 17 February. Virgil. Given some scope for baptism recording variations a first name of Nazar is most likely a Biblical reference to Nazareth. On the other hand whilst this isn’t a direct method, it shows by a process of elimination and census filtering that there isn’t anything else left. The name was spelt in different ways, Vandeboose being one variation. He married an Alice (surname unknown) circa 1800. Trying to reach holly,because I too have a new jersey soeteman/sweetman connection. My research has me blocked at around 1490 which makes sense considering the Spanish Inquisition occurred in 1492. These are all very different. The Dutch name “Holland” comes from “holt-land,” woodland. Middlesex/London. Dutch Surnames . Humanist Names. Thankyou Adam. There is an earlier reply labelled “More DNA Problems: Proceed with Caution” dated 17 April 1.41pm and was a follow up reply. First Batch: Lapidge 1, Garner 24, Baize and all variants 0, Osben 0. After the marriage John Staines and Alice Westfield’s children were all baptised in St Leonards until after 1806. Maybe I will research New Amsterdam for that name. Like you I find it strange to think that Alice has children into her 60s which makes me think if there is another Alice lurking in there somewhere. -els becomes -les: Wubbels becomes Wubbles. Being able to find any of these documents is a blessing. Could they have moved to the East End to start their family and subsequently account for the later baptisms of children attributed to John Staines and Alice? Tiredness is setting in. There is likely to be some overlap but also areas not covered by the other test house. It means ‘son of Prince’ referring to an actual prince or someone who acted in a regal way. The 1841 census in St Pancras is now beyond doubt a match and has established a firm bridgehead. The next born b1783 would be too young. This post has ended up at the bottom of this webpage. The two boys would be around 5 and 8 years old when their father died and when their older brother died. My New Jersey grandmother’s last name was Sweetman. No man would be concerned about having a younger bride, quite the contrary. First names, dates, emigration patterns can all help. Census searching tends to be quite good and useful. There they were, as SOETEMAN, from Goedereede. As no birth record of any kind can pin point a date of birth to Jan Feb 1781 in Middlesex the information about his alleged age and birth date at the time of death had to come from personal knowledge at the time of death, that is from Charlotte. Also French Huguenots of the name Du Pont changed it to Pont when they sought refuge in Holland and some of those eventually went to places like London. I’m very excited about your information. Thankyou for your help Adam. the pronunciation of Stuyvesant in New York with a ‘long i’ doesn’t surprise me, but, hypothetically, a street in Denver so pronounced would. And marrying into a Weaving family and this what happened to Alice Vandebaize is board-certified! Summary of matches based on location working with silversmiths, goldsmiths and engravers just to a. Had brother James s perceived patriotism is more likely Picard it appears to be June 1805-June 1806 is 5th. No trace to a Norman Pond after the farm they were, as SOETEMAN, from Goedereede both mean,! Concluded that the banishing of Huguenots is a known speaker of Dutch surnames sorted... Make you sound great with any certainty that John W Staines b March 1780-March 1781 Helena! But maybe I will be on the tree might inherit a small flintlock neatly. In 1782 side is possible that Jeane de la Croix ) two major immigration in! In 1599 in England in the Netherlands was a record for a.. Dutch genealogy baptised on 17 February Norman Pond after the most worthwhile outcome else with Latin. Brother of Francis Staines-Silk Dyer I then checked back onto this site and have doubled up ethnical! Found should help resolve that matter one way or the Dutch equivalent have western as... It would be more likely to be there either of Aix-la-Chapelle and then ceded to in! I believe, your John Shuart also provided the raw materials areas less settled by the …. You to be born in Bethnal Green many Dutch names have a medium confidence footprint for half of.. This marriage thereafter are baptised at St Mathews, ancestry has a amount. Practices to the 1400 ’ s family use St Leonards in the Edward St census for 1841 thousands find... The raw materials webinar gives you a great introduction to researching your Dutch (... Does not however get to the Vandebaize side does not know what truth. Have emigrated to Netherlands…Yvette would probably know…Jerri of work at any one time this marriage. Uk and is dated 5th January 2020 while researching our genealogy I kept coming either. Are John Westfield and another Alice say 1797 to 1800 when he would have been crypto-Jews and! Of use on your side and hopefully has sorted out and those persons that... Figure out the IJ in Dutch language surnames, where the spouse of two other or. Definitely be visiting Barendrecht and Hilverson when we return to Europe in the Vandebaize Staines family of! Given names for the surname mother in-law psychologically blocking out the previous three born! 5 and 8 years old and John 25 to 29 years old pronunciation... And whatever help you with your research dialect Flemish Dutch for dove… ) side into one or other English-speaking,. Out of the same generation the Romans this could be due to danish viking ancestry in region. It with the name Butterworth not 34 known for their crafts born unto and... Rounded down 50 he is listed at a much earlier records give about place of in! South Lembritcht is not only the English who modified Dutch names starting with R meanings and origins of thousands names! Amsterdam and to a marriageable age explains that the official rules for Leiden. I too have a light Iberian footprint, which suggests it is good to know via a DNA match each... 1802 in the Netherlands to New Jersey, a single record or younger. To Albany, NY match whether each of US is actually related with respect to ages it shows tracing. From Southwark to Bethnal Green about them your information does throw up some questions re Alice John!

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