By true here, I mean Morrison’s interpretation of the New Gods in FC before the New 52. He does not even support that: ''Presence=Source=Overvoid'' Most of his arguments about the presence are from DeMatteis, not Morrison. Like I said THOUSAND TIMES, he resides in the sphere of gods, but that does literally not mean that Destiny is limited to the sphere of gods, lol. All of above Ans: C Ans: C Ans: A Q. If I am correct, this implies there is only one Sphere of Gods despite there being multiple multiverses. The key word here is metaphorically. Do you know the definition of crossover still? Proof he doesn't or go away. The presence was much better if the parliamentary leadership, as represented by presiding speakers, made it a priority. I am going to reinterpret my question as the following: What stories does the Book of Destiny contain? Even if there is no confirmation of the "metaconcept of Fate", it doesn't matter since Destiny is not really up there. Destiny of The Endless never appeared in any DC Cosmology comic, he didn't appear on The Multiversity, didn't appear in Final Crisis. @au_141: Wow, I will try to respond the rest later, but Michael talked to the artist that drew that map and he said Destiny is not on the top. Yes, that would make sense. @au_141: That scan is fake, I and a couple more debaters already have searched everywhere on twitter and could not find it, not even the retweets that should be there. According to most sources Destinys book holds all of existence in it his realm is the highest peak in existence an the multiverse resides in his book with him obviously standing outside. The Countdown Monitors are fragments of the Mar Novu. Not sure what feat you are talking about thought. After that, The Source plotted to remake the forth world for it though it to be flawed. My first question being concerns where Lucifer's creation is relative to the Orrery? Hughes didn't even agree with him. Also, funny how Saga says that Destiny has no influence over the Monitor Sphere, even when Roughes (The artist) said that he is recording the events of the Monitor Sphere in the exact same sentence where Roughes APPAREANTLY said that Destiny has no influence over the Monitor Sphere. It includes elements from multiple religions, mythologies, and modern concepts such as the Endless. Is he drawn with them all the time thought :)? @au_141: Well I misinterpreted some things earlier because I was tired and sleepy so instead of adressing the other debaters again and again, I will just post a single post after after gathering some more evidence. Correction: Thre isn't any version of the map where Destiny of The Endless is on the top, you are making that up. The Source is an aspect of the presence, like leaves of a tree. The Presence is the incarnation of the Abrahamic God in the DC Universe. The Presence >>> The Source. 3 The linker is A. user source code as a input B. always used before source program are executed C. same as loader D. required to create a load module Q. in the presence of synonyms, in the presence of pronunciation, in the presence of translation, English dictionary definition of in the presence of. That is why I said out of context scans. Spoilers: You can't. So there is evidence but I believe there is evidence to state otherwise its all author dependent. The presence is a divine being, with angels and the afterlife and fairly Christian. It is a mysterious metaphysical concept that has pretty much always been a mystery in DC's continuity. History. It is up to you to debunk the. To answer your next question its a little bit tricky according to monitor fans lucifer has no idea what the source is nor has he been beyond it. Because the thing is, that's just another name for Destiny. "What is this Presence? Grant Morrison says that in his cosmology The Source is the same entity as his God (who is not the Presence, it's a being called Monitor Mind or Overvoid). Additionally, where would this place their creations in regards to one another? His creation is somehow embedded in the Sphere of Gods. Please cite me where anyone said that the endless are limited to the sphere of gods, because residing in a realm does not mean you're limited to it. No, he used the seas creatures as a metaphor to compare Destiny's position and location on the map. The Presence of the Word has been added to your Cart Add to Cart. The NYPD plans to coordinate with the Secret Service to scale back their presence around Trump Tower the day after President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, sources said. It showcases exactly what I was saying. This seems to make sense, but it is still somewhat confusing. But it nearly drove him mad. Is this also the case for Mandrakk as well? You should know this as well, shouldn't you? Another user here on CV confirmed that said scan was made by a guy called thebestdebater, a Google+ debater that attempted to prove the Void, the Source and The Presence were the same. Evidence suggests various forms of negative behaviour including incivility exist among nurses. As for her relationship with the endless mostly unknown dream tells a story of the multiverse coming into being an the monitor brothers an barbatos. I've never felt so insignificant. The Presence is considered one of the three major manifestations of God. Is he just Nil Monitor among others? Look exactly like Destiny? “Over the last week, members of the city’s leadership and I have sent several messages regarding response to the unrest at the Capitol and security planning for the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. But other than that it's really not been explored. It seems that the sons of Perpertua reside above the Imps, yet they are clearly above everything in the Orrery. I think different authors have portrayed them differently over the years. The Source. I'm not ignoring anything buddy. This is what appears to be another reference to The Source. The Sphere of Gods is beyond the regular DC Multiverse, nohing you have said so far presents any proof she is beyond the DC Multiverse. @xearesay: read the first scan in which Michael asks the artist. Link me a a page on the DC Wiki that contains the character Destiny of the Endless being mentioned in a Multiversity of Final Crisis issue and then we can talk. Try again. So if you want to argue that it's not him literally up there, who is it? Presence is a feature of many modern communication work tools. The_Kidd Also, the following materials may be helpful for clarifying Death's relationship to beings like the Black Racer. The written part is still here, it is not there for no reason. @y3kthunder: Destiny is above the countdown Monitors. Destiny was never retconned into this Fate, he simply isn't him. The Presence is a 2010 American horror film written and directed by Tom Provost and starring Mira Sorvino, Shane West, and Justin Kirk. So would the neccesarily reside in the Sphere of the Gods? Lastly, with the ideas of multiple multiverses like the one consumed by the Empty Hand, Lucifer's Creation, and those created by the Supercelestials like Perpertua, does this imply that there is a Source Wall between Multiverses just like there is between univereses? Call it Anti-Life. Propellants where chemical energy is the source. Perpetua lies in the realm of the Sixth Dimension, beyond imagination and the realm of impossibility itself. Especially with Morrison’s statement equating it to the Monitor mind. Also Death is bad example, since she is not even the ultimate incarnation of Death in the DC universe. Its plan was to use the Infinity man to kill all the New Gods, and merge with The Anti Life Entity, then using the soul fire equation to remake everything. To argue that somehow the Endless are limited to the SOTG is to argue that beings in the orrerry are limited to that as well, which is completely false. The presence of errors in the source frequency and the sensor positions are considered. Ignorance. He is above everything and and recording everything.. 1 Temperature Distributions in the Presence of Heat Sources There are a number of situations in which there are sources of heat in the domain of interest. It is the source of all that exists. Their opponents would necessarily believe the first. The Source was attacked by three elder gods of the third world and was split in two, one being The Source and is the light side, the other is the Anti Life Entity. Think of those sea creatures on old maps. The conversation is all about the Multiversity Map, it is stated in the first tweet. Scott called the Presence the Source. I have also heard the Lucy is not bound by Destiny so what would this indicate about his power? He already said that the position is metaphorical and for me its a give or take situation. With the widespread availability of cell-phone recording devices, source cell-phone identification has become a hot topic in multimedia forensics. The Microsoft Graph Presence Source (hereafter 'presence source') enables the UCC to use Teams user presences. puts her well beyond anything in any comicverse. That's why I have you an example of Death being able to completely leave the DC verse in the first place. Here it is an unknown entity or force beyond the Monitors, multiversal creators, and is probably also where their powers originate from. It is beyond imagining. Also as a bonus if we equate Monitor Mind, The Source and the Presence, that would also mean that The Presence's will would be Mandrakk: @sagathelegend: @y3kthunder: Yeah it makes sense that writers consider them separate entities. "I think you're taking the positionof Destiny on the map a little too literally. The monitor brothers yes their true form would reside in thw 6th dimension with there mother above the imps. If this idea holds for the official version of the map as shown in the third image, then it seems that Book of Destiny does seem to include everything. @sagathelegend: Would this be the same with the Countdown Monitors as well? The source is the being that released the God Wave that empowered DC's gods and super humans. I would've wasted a lot more time otherwise. Examples are: Electrical heaters where electrical energy is converted resistively into heat. Provide a single scan of who this would be superior incarnation is. It is the presence of Creation. Jesus lived his everyday life in conscious awareness of his Father.” @azathoth_: now witness the monitor fan in his natural habitat as he states that destiny is weaker than any monitor thats whats going down here, Thats what these threads turn into they believe the presence endless etc influence an comprehension can't go beyond the god sphere. This is from JLA 2018 Issue 23, written by Scott Snyder. How the burden of proof falls on me when no one here have showcased said "influence" of the Endless? Yellow or red means they’re away. He isn't literslly up there. NOTHING about Fate or anyone else. Many times the Source is also equated to the Source Wall, which is also widly inconsistent and varies in position and functions to fit whatever purpose the writer wants it to have, but it is consistently represented as the edge of all creation. It is not always clear how the Abrahamic God fits into this—for example, one particular Wonder Woman storyline by Eric Luke featured the Greek Titans fighting Abrahamic angels and Hindu gods. Snyder already said he is creating new mythos for DC, so his cosmology isn't definitive. @au_141:No they are ot supposed to the the same at least not in Current Canon, they are two unrelated entities.This is showcased even in the Lucifer series, when for example, Lucifer, who had a hand in making all of The Presence's creation, has no idea of what the Source is and couldn't ever perceive its true nature: In Kirby's New Gods series where the Source was first introduced, we see it as a mysterious and primal force, strongly connected to the New Gods and their powers, it has none of the religious themes and ideas that surround the Presence. They are all bound to Perpetua since she created them, I woulf say that in the same way the brothers are connected to the Presence. Frst off, the summary expresses where the Endless are housed, not where they are limited to. "Bear in mind, this is the first sketch, and was refined. The Presence isn't even supreme, the forces above him staying unknown. - Dr. M. Atkinson (added by author) The Presence Process is a simple, direct, how-to manual to integrate your emotional past so that you can stop reacting to it, live in this glorious present moment, and respond to life! Ma. You could say that he made the "Vertigo Multiverse". The Presence >>> The Source. Anyway I will try to adress this more clearly tomorrow since I am very tired and sleepy now. What do you guys think? Also, my argument is that if you want to dispute position based upon ignoring placement in the actual refined map, then we can do that for any of the beings there, not just Destiny. As of now, their more or the less the same being. Uh the endless are what theyre in the most literal sense an yes destiny does have eyes he is just blind so blind that he sees better than anything else....damn thats blind an for those curious I already posted the scan of destiny being outside the multiverse in my RT on him an op posted a scan of destiny that had to do with the monitors an in the scan he is called fate. I suppose that's possible but according to monitors fans it all hypertime lanes that separate them hope this helps yeah, Is the Book of Destiny the same as the Book of Infinite Pages (As shown in Final Crisis?). It's power is far beyond even beings such as Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos. Think of those sea creatures on old maps. I know Death of the New Gods showed Infinity Man killing Black Racer so that seems to indicate that this opinion is definitive. Ok lemme explain the vertigo cosmology I little bit so first you have the infinite nothingness that is the void. Buy Now More Buying Choices 1 new from $33.95. A Kentucky man has been arrested on multiple charges related to the storming of the U.S. Capitol, including at a door where a woman was fatally shot earlier this month, federal authorities said. The source is a deliberately vague force of energy. You all have adressed nothing. He doesn't call that hooded figure with the book by ANY other names exept Destiny in this entire thread. Nothing was "corrected at all" thought.There is nothing you've said that showcases what happened has been retconned and Gaiman's vision would still only put Death in the same scale as the Black Racer, another incarnation of death. Presence definition, the state or fact of being present, as with others or in a place. "Destiny is just metaphorically above everything, recording. That text that you are going to try to use has NOTHING to do with there being a superior incarnation since A) Death isn't an incarnation at all, she IS Death and B). 4 A grammar that produces more than one parse tree for same sentence is called as … That directly contradicts you. Presence/Source are above the Multiverse, and they create Connective Energy which is used to create them by beings like Perpetua. The universal spirit from Jack Kirby's Fourth World cosmology. Tags for those that might have answers: @sagathelegend@y3kthunder@sungsam@mbatz@etriel@michaeljulius. Where is the burden of proof on me? Then possibly limbo it is mentioned in vertigo just not its placement. By ordinary means the beings of the Orrey can't access other dimensional and conceptual realms like the Sphere of Gods or the Sixth Dimension normally. Your point was that Death appearing in other multiverses makes her beyond the DC Multiverse, when I've showed other characters have appeared, so that isn't the case. If Destiny has been somehow replaced or retconned into this Fate, then Death's feat in B.O.M. No you can't, since he was only referring to the drawn part of the map. 18. The connection between the Source (traditionally known as the "God" of New Gods like Darkseid and Orion) and the Presence (traditionally seen as the Judeo-Christian God) has been hinted at in a variety of settings, but it hasnt been brought up in a few years. So if the Attendant presence source is desired, make sure this field is left blank. I don't think you read your scans. It’s generally represented by a green, red, or yellow dot. Most importantly, the agreement significantly increases the U.S. rotational presence in Poland -- from the current 4,500 troops whose deployment started in 2017, to 5,500 troops. Presence definition, the state or fact of being present, as with others or in a place. You build an inconsistent basis for your argument and literally ask others for proof, when the burden of proof is really on you. You are making him have a relevance he doesn't have. Exactly, so what are you even debating here. It was found on limbo and has no direct relation to Destiny. So what? It houses the Life Equation, a tool used by the New Gods. As I stated previously, there continue to be no direct threats to Takoma Park.Today we are in an all hands on deck posture, so you are going to see a high visibility presence in the city. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Who brought forth the New Gods? It makes use of the Microsoft Graph Communications Presence APIs. If not, what is their relationship to another? Presence would slap the Source, Source is overrated doesn’t even scale beyond True Darkseid. - After all, look at the Endless. Also he is only talking abiut Destiny comparing it to a sea creature, that says nothing about the positions of. She lies on a highter plane of the orrey than the beings of the Sphere of Gods, but below Nil and the Overvoid. So would the Presence and it’s creation reside within what Sources dominion ? Perhaps the biggest question is whether being a "lower" level of the Orrery means you necessarily less important than someone above? Here is Grant Morrison, another writer of DC's view on it: Grant Morrison says that in his cosmology The Source is the same entity as his God (who is not the Presence, it's a being called Monitor Mind or Overvoid). It is described as the great energy of creation that lives in all things. Please cite me where anyone said that the endless are limited to the sphere of gods, because residing in a realm does not mean you're limited to it. An according to that story he has infact went beyond the source into the void beyond. Officials were prepared this weekend for potential unrest ahead of Inauguration Day, but the small groups of protesters that gathered at state capitols across … But the fact that you even said this tells me everything. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. It is simple as that. Don't read too much into it.". If so, does this mean that the Mar Novu we see here is neccesarily incomplete? I'll wait. The Presence has the ability to empower various angels, including the Spectre, Eclipso, and Michael Demiurgos. You're not understanding me. I'm not ignoring anything buddy. This isn't supposed to be Destiny of the Endless and he is only supposed to be metaphorically there. I've only seen people reference this, pull up a clip referencing a disucssion from the 90's, and then just intepret it in whatever way suites their argument. I have been trying to find this on Twitter but I haven't having any luck. True nature is unclear, but at least according to one history, it made the "DC Universe", The Presence: Being that is surrounded by religious motifs, created the angels, demons, etc... Has no relation to the New Gods. Background. If a Fifth Imp can die, yes, maybe we can place them on the same level of existence as the Sphere fo Gods, but that also debatable, I will search more information on them to see where they would place exactly. He's saying they don't always correlate. Not necessarily, some beings like Metron have their abilities function independent of cosmology (he can see all of the story of DC Comics, even from structures above him). Examples of presence in a sentence, how to use it. It is fear.". Monitor supporters definetely did a good job! See All Buying Options Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping. So they believe its not the true source wall. The story Of Nix Uotan Was what confused me for a second. Althought in all honesty, The Source is more of a storytelling device than anything. Well, that is not me saying it, it is the artist of the comic saying it, that was his way of making this representation of Fate different. That he overlaps certain areas is less important.". The religious cosmology of the DC Universe is complex with many pantheons of deities co-existing alongside each other. Oblivion 1 y 2 mo 9 d . That's your first problem. Look exactly like Destiny? While President Trump has … Citation: Speciation in the presence of gene flow (2021, January 12 ... Nanodiamond sensors can act as both heat sources and thermometers. You just proved you didn't even read the whole thing. Death isn't an incarnation. 99 examples: Opposed to this, one finds elements without any space, dowered with very… My hiatus from the Vine has been too long so I don't remember who liked to talk about what. The Source vs The Presence # The Presence Oblivion and mandrakk would get slaughtered by the presence so would the great evil beast. To use Teams presence, fill in the Teams UPN field with the desired UPN of the user. I already posted mine, so why don't you post yours? To use other presence sources. Based on how the discussion has evolved, I think I might rename to to The Sphere of Gods or something of that nature. You? While investigating the death of the New Gods, Metron encountered the Anti Life Entity, and he cried because he felt the Entity's infinite power; "I can feel the limitless power that is the entity. It has a lot of merit in previous stories. With the widespread availability of cell-phone recording devices, source cell-phone identification has become a hot topic in multimedia forensics. Destiny's book has no existance outside of him from what I remember, that book was found completely abandoned in limbo, a meta space that Destiny has no authority whatsoever. He doesn't. Oblivion 1 y 2 mo 9 d . He says Destiny is only metaphorically on the top. The Source is the mystical energy that flows beyond the Source Wall and it is supposed to be us, the readers. The Presence, Monitor Mind the Overvoid and Kirby's Source run the Marvel GauntletThe Presenceis (Composite from all Interpretations, including Carey, Number 1 no the books are different 2 things to note destinys book is chained to him an cannot be separated from him 2ndly the book of infinite pages tells the story of mandrakk an the monitors. Death appearing in the Hulk was in a Marvel story arc so it wsn't a crossover at all. You are making him have a relevance he doesn't have. The only person who tries to call him a metaconceptual "Fate' is Michael. He was using DeMatteis statements when DeMatteis doesn't even know what the Overvoid is and doesn't care about DC Cosmology. This is important, since Morrison wrote The Multiversity series, which explains the nature of DC's multiverse, and he also wrote the draft for DC's official cosmology map. “The goal of prayer is to live all of my life and speak all of my words in the joyful awareness of the presence of God. And? @xearesay: that artist just said that he oversaw an recorded things way beyond what you an your buddies thought he had influence on did he not? What do you think? Congrats, epic debunking here. As staff of information technology departments, bureaucrats have a … The source is the being that released the God Wave that empowered DC's gods and super humans. The Death of New Gods version is weaker. That is not me saying that, it is the guy that made the map saying it. Yes, his influence on his recording book might end there at best. Many writers and comics have different views of what the source is. Darkseid described it as; "Call it death. Ignorance. The Presence The Source is just the same as Phoenix Force but stronger. His nature is pretty clear to me, honestly. Then you have the mansions of silence an the silver city you have the source or source wall at the edge of the multiverse the dreaming the faeries apokolipse an the new gods as darkseid and his race have either been mentioned you have the infinite branching multiverse an you have hell way on the other side. he said that destiny oversees even the monitor sphere which does this no correlate with this image? The Endless, Lucifer and his ilk have been said to be either supreme embodiments of concepts or concept creators too, so I believe in the cosmic sense they would indeed have similar functions. What implications does Destiny's position bear on the rest of the DC cosmological hierarchy especially regarding the Endless and Lucifer's kin? @y3kthunder: I did and none of that proves agents of the source and extensions of overvoid would fall under control of Destiny. send you an email once approved. He was created directly by the Overvoid. The design was also the first (and only) Moog synthesizer to feature a flat-panel membrane keyboard to replace the standard buttons, knobs and sliders, along with multihued panel graphics that were very different from anything Moog offered at the time. - BUT the problem is, Destiny is still at the top even in the refined map. See more. Darkseid eventually discovered its plan, and was able to steal the equation and battle evenly with the then merged Source, finally trapping it. This is also from Final Crisis, a more recent comic that Gaiman's run, which puts your point of it being "corrected: into question. It is the Presence of the Source of … Nextly your right lucifer left destinys book he escaped his role in things he is his own free man he beat the basanos. By default, anyone in your organization using Teams can see (in nearly real time) if other users are available online. Jan 15, 2021. Also, in that series the Anti Life is not an equation, but an entity, the dark side of the Source. You build an inconsistent basis for your argument and literally ask others for proof, when the burden of proof is really on you. The author clearly says Destiny is not above everything and is only metaphorically above it. Ma. It is the complete unknown. In the history of the DC Universe, the Presence is the fictionalized counterpart to the Godof the Abrahamic (but mostly Christian) religions. The non-cooperative scenario where the source frequency is completely not known is also addressed. Also, my argument is that if you want to dispute position based upon ignoring placement in the actual refined map, then we can do that for any of the beings there, not just Destiny. The Presence is one of the supreme and essential creative forces of the DC Multiverse. Not one correction. In it we can see that the hooded figure at the top of the sketch appears to be Destiny. New Gods have absolute no relation to the Angels, or Demons, or none of The Presence's creation, yet they are said to be platonic ideas (primal and fundamental forms of the world, transcendent of reality). Feel free to tag those that you like to see discuss this. Unrelated to angels. Arts and entertainment. If the image conflicts with the description (surprise, in the case of Destiny it does) then you can argue that. presence meaning: 1. the fact that someone or something is in a place: 2. a feeling that someone is still in a place…. 1 collectible from $45.00. Doesn't matter who it is on the top. - Also, This would have been validated had refined versions of the map made that alteration, but they didn't. The Presence has the ability to empower various angels, including the Spectre, Eclipso, and Michael Demiurgos. He is probably stronger than the Endless, that is for sure. Destiny has history in the DC Universe PRIOR to Vertigo. In the first image is a sketch of Morrision's Multiversity map. Comic Vine users. Concept » The Source originally is fully omnipresent, omniscient, and nigh omnipotent. Death is SUPPOSED to be limited to the SoTG, yet she's the only being who has travelled beyond DC verse to Marvel and she on panel, has claimed (and will claim) the entire DC multiverse.